I’m Liam Symonds, a software engineer, aspiring blogger, semi-competent DIYer and animal lover living in Norfolk, England. For my day job, I (happily) work as a Principal Software Engineer at Proagrica, where I develop and architect software solutions and teams for the agricultural industry. I’m also the founding director of a company: Brynover Digital, where I create bespoke software for businesses and the general public.

I’ve been a ‘full stack’ software engineer professionally for years now. I started creating (awful) websites when I was 7 years old, moved onto PHP development a few years after that and got relatively good at developing software some time later. Now-a-days, I’m language and framework agnostic and pick the best tool for the job; but will favor C# on the server side if it is fit for the task at hand.

My dream is to eventually retire away from career based software development and open an animal rescue (though I’ll still program for fun!), but I have a feeling I’m a number of years away from that!

I have two dogs and two horses, but often have a number of other animals around that my partner Emily and I foster.