Cutting the Crap Out

September 12 2019

Unsurprisingly, and somewhat ironically and hypocritically considering the nature of this blog post, I’ve had enough of negativity. I’ve had enough of hearing the bad in the world. I’ve had enough of wasting my time seeing people argue. I’ve had enough of people I’ve never met having an impact on my life. I’ve had enough.

Starting about an hour ago, I removed myself from non-professional communities (i.e. Facebook) and unfollowed anyone (on Twitter) and anything (on Reddit) not related to how I make my living. Removing myself entirely from these platforms until the end of time would be career suicide and that is something I’d rather not do.

In addition, I’ve made a personal promise that I’ll no longer read or watch daily news, save for a short weekly period where I’ll catch up on the most important information in a textual, unbiased format.

My reason for doing this is simple: I actually have had enough: politics is causing arguments amongst my friends, family and co-workers; personal choices are now broadcast and echoed for other people to comment on and are no longer personal choices; personal opinions gathered independently of any forced view are few and far between; and more time is wasted scrolling through endless, useless timelines that have been read multiple times than ever before.

I don’t want to waste any more of my life on websites designed to think for you and material that does nothing for you. I don’t want any more negativity in my life than there needs to be. I want to do what makes me and mine happy, and I’ve found that spending time browsing these websites and interacting on a personal level with many communities does nothing to help that.