The Worst Thing I Ever Did Was Remove My Online Presence

October 17 2019

About a year ago I decided to completely remove all traces of myself from the interwebs. Social media, personal (blogging) websites, public profiles, source code - gone. Along with those services my (tiny) following and (even tinier) influence completely dissappeared. Now, around a year later after deciding I’d eventually like to work for myself and create my own products, I’m realising what a terrible decision that was.

I’m now having to build back up my Twitter following that took me years to gather. I’m having to think up new and interesting ways to attract visitors to my blog whereas I previously garnered natural organic traffic from search engines and word of mouth.

I feel that by removing my online presence completely I’ve set back my plans of world domination (read: working for myself) by several months, maybe even years, whilst I attract a following once again.

If you’re going to go on a privacy hiatus or even slim down your online presence, make sure you think through what you are about to do and weigh up the pros and cons of doing so before making any irreversible decisions.