You Should Really Drink More Water

August 06 2019

Over half of the human body is water, yet people living in first-world countries ingest more and more unnatural liquids than ever before or drink less water than their predecessors.

I’ve just gotten out of A&E (Accident & Emergency, or the Emergency Room for those on the other side of the pond) after losing a one-sided fight with a kidney stone. I can honestly say I’ve never felt anything like it, and never want to again.

If you don’t know what kidney stones are, let me enlighten you: they’re (most commonly) calcium buildups within your kidneys that look like little stones. When they begin their journey out of your body, the bigger ones get stuck and build up huge amounts of pressure on your kidneys. This leads to excruciating pain, nausea, vomiting and more.

The pain comes on quickly, with no tell-tale signs, and leaves you crippled the instant the waves flood your body. I can recommend doing all you can to AVOID having to experience them.